About Us

Welcome to The Pet Savvy, the ultimate resource for small pet lovers!

Founded back in 2019, our website is packed with all the right information you might need to become a responsible and knowledgeable small pet owner. From choosing the right breed to daily care, tips and maintenance, we cover it all.

Here you can discover the joys and challenges of small pet ownership with our comprehensive guides. And you can also learn more about the different breeds available and their unique characteristics, find out how to set up the perfect habitat, and get tips on feeding and exercise. We even have a section on common health issues and how to prevent them.

But it’s not all serious business – we also have a fun section full of creative ideas for toys and activities to keep your small pet entertained. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a first-time pet parent, you’ll find everything you need to know on our website. So take a look around and learn all about the wonderful world of small pets.

Our Team

Eddie Chevrel – founder of The Pet Savvy.

Eddie grew up in Normandie, in the northwest of France and he’s been surrounded by pets since he was just a little kid.

He got his first dog when he was only 4 and she was followed by many dogs, cats, and birds that his family either raised from birth or rescued over the years. They also raised several horses at home, and as you can imagine all their pets kept them quite busy around the house.

Even though he lived and studied in big cities such as Paris and London, his love for pets never dwindled. If you saw a guy near Big Ben carrying a stray cat in his arms with a large smile on his face, it was probably him!

As a country boy, he was always fascinated by each animal’s personality. Each pet has distinctive features, different needs, and a different approach to humans. But the funny thing, they can (almost) all be tamed.

Adrian Veerman – Chief Editor

As the Chief Editor of The Pet Savvy, Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. A lifelong animal lover, he has dedicated his career to advocating for the well-being and care of all types of pets.

In his role at the magazine, he works tirelessly to bring informative and engaging content to pet owners and enthusiasts everywhere.

Zoe Ström – Staff Writer

Zoe always had a soft spot for furry, fluffy little creatures, and she had a menagerie of adorable pets including hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Her love for these little animals shines through in her writing, which often features lovable and relatable small pet characters.

When she isn’t busy crafting heartwarming tales, you can find her spending quality time with her own beloved pets or volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Our mission

Back in the day, knowledge about pets was not as readily available as it is now. You could only know about a specific pet if a friend owned one, or if you walked to a library with your membership card to get the info you need about it.

Not so much now. The internet has made it super easy to know a lot about pretty much any pet. But the information is sometimes inaccurate, biased, or plainly wrong.

How we create content

We’ve decided to create this website to give the most accurate and up-to-date information about the most common exotic pets. We plan and edit the content on this site to make sure it is accurate and up to date. We sometimes hire knowledgeable writers for articles on pets we are not totally familiar with, but no content lands on www.thepetsavvy.com without our approval.

We spend dozens of hours doing thorough research before we start writing a new article. We’re also linking to the most accurate resources on the web such as scientific journals and veterinary blogs to back up our statements. But our aim is to meet people who either own, breed or take care of small exotic pets, as well as vets and pet trainers.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to us – we love being in touch with our audience.