Degu Behavior

Degu Behavior 101 | What is Your Degu Expressing?

Happy Degu Behavior Unhappy Degu Behavior Happy Degu Sounds Unhappy Degu Sounds Tail Wagging Frightened, shocked, stressed Chuck-we Squeaking Hair Raising Biting Chirping Teeth chattering Hopping Repeats the same things over again Clucking Whining Jumping Chewing cage Warble Groaning Body Twisting Aggressive to others Chitter Chaffing Running and Bolting Lazy …

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What do octodon degus eat

What Do Degus Eat? A Complete Guide

Degus are not your average rodents and are very similar to guinea pigs and chinchillas in terms of behavior. They have a diet that is similar to the needs of chinchillas, but they are strictly herbivores. As you’ll find, the degus’ food requirements are a lot easier to take care …

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How much do degus cost

How Much do Degus Cost? (2023 update)

Buying degus is going to involve purchasing some essential items that will make your degus feel more at home. These items all help them to lead an active and low-stress lifestyle, yet can also be highly entertaining for you to make their habitat more ideal. How much does a degu …

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how to tame a degu

How to Tame a Degu (5 Easy Steps)

Degus are by nature, nervous little creatures that react to sound and movement around them. So when it comes to taming them, there are specific steps that will make them more comfortable with you. Here is what you need to know to allow your degu to be your best friend …

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