Unique Bird Names

100+ Unique Bird Names with Cool Meanings

So, you have officially made up your mind, you are getting yourself a pet bird. You got the cage already in the package, you got all the food your little winged friend could ever ask for, and you read more than enough books on bird parenting to never have to …

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Penguin Names

100+ Penguin Names You Will Surely Love

There are a lot of beautiful birds out there that we would love to own, but the thing about them is that, unless you actually take the time to study them, you most likely won’t be able to tell them apart from one another, simply because of how similar they …

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dinosaur names for pets

200+ REXcellent Dinosaur Names For Pets

So you just got yourself a new pet and you want to give him or her an original pet name? Or maybe you want to name a very cute dino-shaped teddy you were given as a present? If so, we got your back! Cute dinosaur names are always a great …

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