how much do hedgehogs cost

How much do Hedgehogs Cost? (2023 Update)

Hedgehogs are fascinating and curious creatures that will surprise you in many ways. When you buy a hedgehog, what you pay for your pet is not the only expense you need to pay attention to. Their cage setup, food, and accessories all come at a cost and this practical guide …

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why are hedgehogs illegal in California

Why Are Hedgehogs Still Illegal in California?

Hedgehogs have become very popular pocket pets across the US for the past decade, but they are still forbidden to own as pets in certain states. Which begs the question, “Can I own a hedgehog in California?” A simple and straightforward answer is: unfortunately, you can’t. In this article, you’ll …

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how to handle a hedgehog

How to Properly Pick Up and Hold a Hedgehog

It’s no big secret that a hedgehog has sharp little quills all over its back. They use these quills to protect themselves from predators and animals that might harm them. That doesn’t mean you can’t safely pick them up and handle them if you tame them correctly after they get …

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