common pet rat diseases

What Are the Most Common Rat Diseases?

Rats and mice make fun pocket pets yet they are also prone to certain illnesses that we can now fully understand. After you read this short guide, you will know everything about the most common pet rat diseases, whether some of them are transmittable to humans, and whether it is …

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are rats nocturnal

Are Rats Nocturnal? | Rat Sleep 101

All fancy rats will be active after dark, but that won’t be the only time they are awake. They have an interesting sleep cycle that will make them more active at certain times of the day. Are Rats Nocturnal Or Diurnal? Rats are considered nocturnal by nature, but they can …

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how much do pet rats cost

How Much Do Rats Cost? (2023 Update)

Fancy rats are fun little critters that can be the closest companion you can expect as a pocket pet. If you are a first-time owner, you may be wondering what the real costs are going to be and what can you expect to pay for accessories, food, and health costs. …

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