Are Gerbils nocturnal

Are Gerbils Nocturnal? Gerbil Sleep Explained

Gerbils have a unique sleep pattern that’s hard to understand if you’ve never owned these kinds of pets. Their sleep habits might get in the way of your own sleeping schedule, making it harder to get enough rest. Are gerbils nocturnal? The answer to this question is yes and no. …

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how much do gerbils cost

The Cost Of Owning a Gerbil (2023 Update)

When it comes to gerbils, these furry little creatures are a fan favorite second to hamsters. Yet first-time owners might be wondering, what are the overall costs for getting their food and habitat set up? This overall guide will tell you what they need and how much it will cost …

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Why do gerbils eat their babies

11 Reasons Why Gerbils Eat Their Babies

It’s terrible when it happens but gerbils will sometimes eat their little babies. It’s not a pretty sight, and it also begs the question: “Why would gerbils cannibalize their own offspring?” In this article, we will take a look at some important facts that explain why mother gerbils eat their …

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Gerbil different colors and patterns

All Gerbil Colors And Patterns (With Pictures)

Gerbils are a wide diversity of breeds and colors that make them universally appealing. There are so many varieties within the gerbil species, and it can be pretty head-spinning to name them all. This brief guide will best detail which colors, patterns, and breeds you should know about. Gerbil colors …

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What do gerbils eat

What Do Gerbils Eat? (Complete Food List)

Gerbil pets are called by their scientific name Meriones unguiculatus. These little rodents that originate from China lived in a habitat that is mostly sandy with plenty of grass and shrubs, enjoying dry winters followed by hot summers. What do gerbils eat if you decide to keep one as a …

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