are sugar gliders nocturnal

Are Sugar Gliders Nocturnal?

Are sugar gliders nocturnal? Yes, sugar gliders are nocturnal by nature as they sleep during the day while they are mainly awake at night to eat and escape from predators. Sleeping all day long will be a common sight for sugar gliders kept as pets. This can be appealing for …

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can a sugar glider live alone

Can a Sugar Glider Live Alone?

The simple answer to the question “Can a sugar glider live alone” is both yes and no. This answer relies heavily on interaction and the personality of your sugar glider. It also has everything to do with how comfortable they are just being with their owner. A single sugar glider …

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how to groom a sugar glider

How to Groom a Sugar Glider

How do you groom a sugar glider? They are very active, they like to play a lot, and like many other pets, they do not need much human care. Besides feeding them and cleaning their cage, a responsible owner should trim their nails, clean their teeth and groom their fur, …

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