do ferrets shed a lot

Do Ferrets Shed? 7 Tips to Prevent Allergies

A common consideration when someone is bringing home a new pet is whether or not it sheds. Some people are fine with the constant hair or fur everywhere, while other people cannot stand even the tiniest bit of shedding. When it comes to ferrets, you might not expect them to …

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do ferrets hibernate

Do Ferrets Hibernate?

Ferrets are such fun pets, but they sure do sleep a lot. In fact, many ferrets sleep 18 or more hours a day, especially in the winter, which is why you might be led to believe that your ferret is going into hibernation. So do ferrets actually hibernate? No, they …

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do ferrets and dogs get along

Do Ferrets And Dogs Get Along?

Both ferrets and dogs can be a lot of fun to have as pets, but is it possible to have them both at the same time and in the same space? Yes, as long as they have complementary personalities and you introduce them correctly, ferrets and dogs can be really …

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how to comfort a dying ferret

How To Comfort A Dying Ferret

Ferrets very quickly become another member of the family and when your furry ferret grows old or develops some sort of illness, it can be extremely devastating to both you and your other family members. Knowing what to expect and what to be on the lookout for can help you …

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does my ferret love me

How Do I Know if My Ferret Loves Me?

When you bring home a ferret, you start to love him almost immediately and you might start to wonder whether or not your furry loves you too. Some exotic pets are not necessarily capable of love, but your ferret will definitely love you before long as long as you provide …

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best ferret toys

15 Best Toys For Ferrets (2023 Update)

Choosing toys for your ferret can be fun and daunting at the same time since there are so many choices and so many things to consider when shopping for the right items. Within this guide is a list of the best toys for ferrets, as well as some tips and …

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