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100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names You Will Love

By Zoe Ström


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When naming your brand-new pet, you really need to do a lot of research and to look around until you find one that perfectly suits your new friend.

Sure, in some cases you may find yourself quickly glancing over a list and instantly finding the absolute perfect one for your buddy, but this is rarely the case.

We think of pets as children, they’re literally a part of our family after all and we just could never settle on a name in a single afternoon.

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names
Photo by Sean Robertson / Unsplash.com

We would surge through hundreds if not thousands of names before eventually picking our new furry friend’s name.

It would take us many days until we eventually found all of the names and settled on one, but luckily you won’t need to go through any of that.

That’s because we decided to give you a list of the best names you could give your brand new pet. The names we selected here are all specifically tailored to fit your gecko, but if you like a name and you want to give it to your other reptile buddy, by all means, go for it.

But regardless, with all of that being said, let’s just hop right into these names, starting off with one of the most bulletproof categories we could think of, aka:

Popular Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Popular Gecko Name
Photo by Leon Pauleikhoff / Unsplash.com

Before we get into the super specialized names, let’s first gloss over the most popular picks out there. This is because, while nowhere near as creative as some of the other names on this list, they are still very fitting and all-encompassing names that you can’t go wrong with.

We’ve talked to a lot of gecko owners over the years and most of them opted for these names, so don’t be embarrassed if you decide to go for one of them.

So, here are the most popular gecko names of this year:

  • Sammy – It’s a pretty simple name but it’s also very fitting at that too, and it can be used both for a female and for a male gecko all the same.
  • Dexter – Bonus points if you decide to name your pet gecko after the rascally little mad genius or after the Miami serial-killer-turned-lumberjack.
  • Echo – Geckos tend to get quite wild and loud, so it’s no wonder that so many owners have decided to go with this name for their reptilian friend.
  • Spike / Spikey – This is honestly just a very cute name that we can’t get enough of, and while it does sound a bit manly, it can also be used for a petite little female too.
  • Reef
  • Brutus
  • Fry
  • Nina – By far one of our favorite female gecko names, it’s a very adorable name to go for and honestly if you’re primarily looking to give your gecko a little spice in her name, this is the perfect option to go for right here.
  • Lemon
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Popular Gecko Names
Photo by Gerry / Pixabay.com
  • Sid – We couldn’t possibly not mention this name, after all, it’s by far one of the most popular names for not-so-smart-looking little goobers. So, if your pet fits that description, aka if they look like they only have two neurons working and they bounce around their head like pinballs, consider the name Sid for your gecko.
  • Scooter
  • Fergie
  • Mojo – Alternatively you can also add Jojo to that and you will have your very own supervillain in the comfort of your home.
  • Maggie
  • Pinch
  • Puff – You can also name your gecko Huff and Puff if you want to make it sound cuter.
  • Tank – If your gecko happens to be a super beefy boy or girl and you want to give it a name that perfectly exemplifies this then you can’t go wrong with this name right here.
  • Delta / Alpha
  • Savanna
  • Ozzy – Regardless of whether you like Ozzy Osbourne or if you just like the name Ozzy, your pet gecko will surely love it if you decide to give it this name.
  • Yoshi – Simple yet effective, this name is perfect because it is so goofy and cute sounding and better yet, it is a very nostalgic choice that you will not regret anytime soon.
  • Squirt – This name is just so darn cute and it is perfect for any little baby that barely fits in your palm.

Male Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Male Gecko
Photo by Monika / Pixabay.com

If you got yourself a male gecko and you want to give it a male sounding name, then you should definitely consider going for one of these.

But how can you really describe manliness? Well, to put it bluntly, a male gecko name needs to make you realize instantly that you’re dealing with a manly little thing.

As such, we decided to cater this following list to the people out there that specifically want their gecko to sound like a manly little boy. So, here they are, the best male gecko names of the year:

  • Harry – You can also pronounce this name as Hairy if you want to, as it’ll make it all the cuter and manlier for your little gecko.
  • Mike – You can also use Mikey here if you want to as your gecko grows up and you can use Mike when he gets a bit older.
  • Monty
  • Nigel
  • Ryan – Definitely not everybody’s first pick, but if you want a human-sounding name for your gecko, this one’s sure to get the job done.
  • Axel – A bit of an edgier name but honestly it still perfectly fits any male gecko out there.
  • Bo – This is a pretty simple and easy to remember name which is quite fitting considering the fact that it translates to “to live” in Norse.
  • Dante – Speaking of edgier names, this is a bit of an exception though as it does sound pretty cool and if anyone asks you can mention the fact that it is based on the Italian author’s name, Dante Alighieri which will make you sound more exquisite.
  • Ezra
  • Jonathan
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Male Geckos
Photo by Cindy Lever / Pixabay.com
  • Noel
  • Scott / Scotty – We’re suckers for the X-men comics here so we are a bit biased when we say that we just love this name.
  • Wayne – Same story as the last name, Wayne is a name that needs no introduction, but even if you’re not a Batman fan you can still use it if you find it to be fitting for your gecko.
  • Tim/Timmy
  • Zeke
  • Ian
  • Levi – if you’re a fan of anime you absolutely know what we’re referencing over here, but even if you’re not, you can still say that this name has Biblical roots and that it means to be “united” or “joined in harmony”.
  • Titan – This name is just downright badass to hear, so it is more than fitting for any large manly lizard that wants to be the head of the pack.
  • Leonard – The best name for the best teenage mutant ninja turtle out there, the name also means “lion strength” or “lion hearted” and better yet, you can always just shorten it to Leo if you want to.
  • Raiden – Mortal kombaaaat! All jokes aside, the name Raiden translates to “born in the storm” and it makes for the perfect name for your little manly fighter over here.

Female Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Female Gecko
Photo by verdian chua / Unsplash.com

Girl geckos tend to live in groups, and as such you will need to consider more than one name for the whole clan.

And, as far as female gecko names are concerned, these are in our honest opinion the absolute best ones out there:

  • Amy
  • Danielle
  • Gabby – it’s simple and easy to remember, and on top of that we’ve noticed that geckos tend to catch onto this name quite quickly so it’ll be easy to train them to remember it as their name.
  • Katie
  • Tabitha
  • Violet
  • Winnie
  • Zoe
  • Aria – This name translates to “melody” or “song” in Italian, and it is the perfect name to go for if your gecko is a bit of a chatterbox.
  • Ellie – Often times used as the shorter version of “Eleanor” or “Ellen”, it comes from Greece and it literally translates to the “shining light” or the “illuminated one”.
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Female Geckos
Photo by verdian chua / Unsplash.com
  • Stella – This is a name that we just can’t get enough of, it comes from Latin and it translates to “star”, and it’s perfect for any little gecko that thinks of themselves as the main character in their story.
  • Ginger
  • Lila
  • Sunny
  • Flora – Another simple one that you will never grow tired of, as you can probably tell by now it translates to “flower” from Latin and it’s honestly a very pretty name to go for.
  • Daisy
  • Ophelia – This is a very powerful yet wise sounding name that comes from ancient Greece. It means “to aid” or “to benefit” and it is perfect for the gecko that always follows you around and gives you little nibbles every chance it gets.
  • Jade – Another one of our personal favorite choices over here, it just sounds so beautiful and classy all at once.
  • Calliope – This name translates to “beautiful voice” in ancient Greek, and honestly, we can say that it’s yet another perfect name to give your little gecko if they just love to vocalize.
  • Bella – if you’re a fan of Twilight you will instantly fall in love with this name, but even if you’ve never seen or cared much for it, you can still go for it if you want a name that literally translates to “beautiful” in Italian.
  • Sage – If your gecko looks very wise and on top of any situation, you may want to consider going for this name right here.
  • Lila – Alternatively you may also go with “Layla” if you want a more English sounding name, although we do have to say that there’s just something about the original name that makes the gecko seem so much cuter and exotic.

Unisex Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Unisex Gecko
Photo by Peter Woelfel / Pixabay.com

Sometimes though you don’t want your gecko to sound very manly or feminine, sometimes you just want your gecko to have a cute or fitting name that leaves lets their gender take a backseat.

As such, we prepared the following list of unisex names for your cute little gecko:

  • Angel
  • Cookie
  • Coco – You can use this name as a reference to the famous fashion designer “Coco Chanel”.
  • Crista – It means “crest” in Portuguese and it just sounds like such a beautiful name to have.
  • Dot
  • Goosebumps
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Unisex Geckos
Photo by Anrita / Pixabay.com
  • Smiley – If your gecko always sports a beautiful little smile on their face, you may want to consider giving them this name right here.
  • Charlie – A simple yet effective choice, this name works both ways as a great male or female name that will always perfectly suit your little reptilian friend.
  • Drew
  • Reilly
  • Sawyer
  • Beanie
  • Spotty / Spots

Dinosaur Names for Geckos

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Dinosaur name
Photo by Andrey Tikhonovskiy / Unsplash.com

Dinosaur names are always going to sound cool and that’s a fact. It also helps that geckos in general are considered to be tiny little dinosaurs now, doesn’t it?

Well, if you agree with us then you will be happy to use any of the following names for your little gecko friend:

  • Raptor
  • Rex – This one’s a classic and you can’t convince us otherwise. Sure, it’s a bit overused but we’d argue that it still perfectly fits any gecko out there.
  • Spino
  • Allo
  • Dread
  • Dino – This is a bit of a simple one but it’s still a perfect name to go for if you want to make your visitors laugh every time that they see the little munchkin wobble towards them.
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Dinosaur names
Photo by verdian chua / Unsplash.com
  • Ankyl
  • Terror – This one comes from Pterodactyl and it can be a great alternative if you don’t want to have to mention the full name every time you call out your gecko.
  • Bronto – This name is also perfectly suited for larger geckos that feel like they’re the largest and most powerful little dinosaurs out there.
  • Blue – If you’re a fan of the newer Jurassic Park series this name is a must.
  • The Land Before Time Names – We just had to mention them here, but the likes of Ducky, Cera and Chomper will always hold a special place in our hearts.
  • Godzilla – We couldn’t mention dinosaur names without mentioning by far the coolest lizard name of all time now, could we?

Pop Culture-Inspired Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Pop culture name
Photo by Angga Nugraha / Pixabay.com

If you need any more inspiration, you can always just check random movies, video games or TV shows and they’ll give you plenty of reptilian-sounding names for you to pick from.

If you need help actually finding any of them though, look no further than these names:

  • Geico – We all know about Geico, which is why this name needs no real introduction. What’s so great about it is that everybody around the table will know you’re talking about your gecko when you mention it.
  • Draco – If you’re a Harry Potter buff then you can’t miss out on the chance to name your gecko after everybody’s favorite potty mouth.
  • Gex – While it is a bit of a lesser-known character, Gex was a smooth-talking gecko that served as the main character in a video game series that is named after him.
100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Pop culture names
Photo by Bex / Pixabay.com
  • Karma – We mainly chose to add this one because we love the song “Karma Chameleon”, and if you do too then why not go for it?
  • Alphys – If you’ve ever played Undertale then chances are that this name instantly piqued your interest.
  • Bowser – Also commonly referred to as King Koopa, this monstrous looking dinosaur will serve as the perfect candidate to name your gecko after.
  • Charizard – Of course that we couldn’t have a pop culture list that didn’t have Pokémon on it. While we do believe that Charizard is the best name to go for, you can always just go for other Pokémon names such as Pikachu too.
  • Sauron – Turning up the heat by a tad bit, the name Sauron is inspired from the ruler of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings series, which makes for a great name to give your bloodthirsty little overlord.
  • Toothless – How to Train Your Dragon was one of our favorite series in a very long time, and if you agree with that why not commemorate your love for it by naming your gecko after the iconic black dragon from it?

How to Find Appropriate More Gecko Names

100+ Fun and Unique Gecko Names – Appropriate names
Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager / Unsplash.com

While we will be leaving you off with these names alone, we can give you a few extra tips on how you can find the perfect name for your little reptilian buddy:

  • Look up ancient gods – This is a foolproof way to deal with this conundrum as there are so many ancient gods and creatures that have such a nice ring to them. Take Medusa, Iris or Apollo for example, they’re all fantastic names to consider.
  • Go with your favorite characters – Many people fear that they will be judged if they name their pets after their favorite characters, but to that we say, WHO CARES? Honestly, if you’re a Star Wars fan name your gecko Anakin, or if you’re a Twilight fan why not go with Bella or Twilight? Nobody here will judge you, and if they do, it’s none of their business regardless and you shouldn’t let them dictate your choices.
  • Use your ancestors’ names – If you’re lucky enough you may not have a loved one that has passed away on you. As such, you can always use your great grandparents’ names as inspiration, or better yet, why not go for the same names that they gave their pets in the past?


Gecko names
Photo by Peter Law / pexels.com

Naming your gecko or just your pet in general should never feel like a chore. So, take your time, look through different options and go for whatever sounds good to you.

Always be proud of whatever name you give your pet gecko, because chances are, they’ll be just as proud to have it in the first place.

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